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  •  A bomb is a bomb is a bomb-whether it's... (1+ / 0-)
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    delivered by a piloted aircraft, via an unmanned remote-controlled drone, or on a cruise or polaris missile.  The effects on the receiving end are often lethal or injurious to anyone within the vicinity.

    Besides the troubling ethical and moral issues involved, there are very real questions raised about the Legality of the US drone program.

    But, another thing that should concern even hawks is whether any possible short-term "advantages" gained by the drone strikes will be far outweighed by long-term consequences of this program that attacks nations with which we are not at war:

    Drone strikes that kill civilians (see the column at the right, with the #'s) have inspired an intense anger and growing hatred of America.

    While the US may have believed that their short-term policy of supporting strong-man dictators paid off in the immediate time frame, as our current relations with Iran have proven, in the long-term, this type of policy also has potentially significant negative consequences.  

    Rather than learning from the mistakes of the past, each Administration continues to implement short-term foreign policies that may work during the term of the Administration, but that hand off the long term negative consequences to future Administrations, and future generations.

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