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View Diary: The U.S., selflessly concerned about democracy in Venezuela, questions integrity of election result (233 comments)

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    Tony Situ

    On further reflection on yours and other comments, it makes even more sense, but  it a more Machiavellian way than my idealistic interpretations.

    There is likely to be a coup in Venezuela sometime against Maduro.  The narrow and challenged result of his election means he is much weaker than Chavez politically, but he still has to deal with bad feelings in the military, which guarantees his office, and will have to cut oil export spending on social goals in order to re-invest in the dilapidated oil industry. (chavez boosted support in the short term by not investing at all in the oil industry that provides his social spending revenue, hoping to be able to do it again later when he was stronger politically to cut back on social spending only then.) The coup will not receive any support from the US, but it will be in American interests nonetheless.

    By not recognizing the election, it means Obama can still support any new democratic government that might result from a coup without violating any laws or international protocol or agreements or Democratic platform values.  That or Maduro will have to make major policy concessions beforehand to receive Obama's blessings in order to stave off a coup.  Metternich himself would be congratulating Obama now.  Aren't you?

    •  There are no bad feelings in the military (0+ / 0-)

      And if there is a coup against Maduro, everyone will blame the US and Obama, whether they're involved or not.

      This is a disaster for US influence. Sadly, Americans like yourself are too blind to see it.

      Try turning the situation around: imagine that the Russians have demanded that the US recount the Romney-Obama election, claiming (with considerably more justification than we have in criticizing Venezuela) that US elections are filled with irregularities and an insecure voting system. They refuse to the election of Obama until the votes are recounted, even though there's no reason to believe that a recount would change the result. Since we now (in this imaginary scenario) know that the Russians were responsible for installing George W. Bush in 2000 by corrupting our Supreme Court, we take very seriously the possibility that they could foment a coup against Barack Obama.

      Exactly how much do we love them?  

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