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View Diary: The U.S., selflessly concerned about democracy in Venezuela, questions integrity of election result (233 comments)

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  •  My point is that the facts don't support (0+ / 0-)

    your claims.  Yes, there have been lots of cases of capitalist abuse abroad, as there have been in this country, but in the experience of most Latin Americans, all except Cuba are now democracies of some form at least, and all without governments rounding up people and shooting them, America is given almost all the credit for this, even in places like Venezuela where America gets blame by political leaders for some of the things you're saying.

    So, the story isn't a clean one, but the evidence of liberal democracies throughout the region, and at least democratic elections in every country except Cuba, is an example of US foreign policy success since that creating that world has been the US foreign policy for decades. And Latin Americans themselves say this, even when they use our values, correctly, to criticize some of the things we do.

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