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  •  People who don't know Islam say anything that (3+ / 0-)

    suits them about it.  When I studied the Quran in an academic setting years ago there was no mention at all of a dangerous element that was known to lead believers to violence.  The instructors were two Catholic priests and a nun who assisted them.  They were very open-minded.  They lectured about the succession of Abrahamic religions which gives them much in common, and they also lectured on the friction between the three.  If they were biased, it wasn't introduced into the lectures. It was assumed that we were capable of critical thought on our own.

    Jesus appears in the Quran as a revered prophet.  His mother, Mary, is also included.  People who are familiar with the New Testament would recognize them.  And of course Muslims don't believe in Jesus as the Messiah, or God, or the son of God.  

    We were encouraged to consider all of the Abrahamic texts as works of symbolic poetic literature.  What they taught was meant to be lived, not read.  The literature could induce the proper meditative state.

    I don't practice the rituals of any religion today.  I rarely talk about religion in public and it's a topic that doesn't belong in politics or government.  It's personal and private.  When it intersects with political goals it becomes polluted and perverted.  I can't imagine why that would be any different for Islam and the Muslim scholar, Tariq Ramadan, has spoken very movingly about that.  

    Everyone decides for themselves what they want to think and believe about other people. Since I'm on the topic of religion, a well-known story comes to mind.

    Don't poke your finger in my eye and tell me that you're removing a speck.  You have a speck in your own eye.  Unless you remove that first, you don't see well enough to poke your finger in anyone's eye.  

    If the US is a criminally violent state, then what?

    There is no existence without doubt.

    by Mark Lippman on Thu Apr 25, 2013 at 08:02:04 AM PDT

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