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  •  there is nothing to make me move to Fl (7+ / 0-)

    my folks retired there and I visited twice over 25 years. ugh. land crabs, mosquitos, little flies that bite, giant cockroaches ( ok I did see these on the campus at Fordham as well ) called palmetto bugs, snakes, lizards that get into the house somehow, big freakin grasshoppers, alligators, 'heat' lightning (actually just regular lightning that can kill you ) hurricanes, tornadoes, and heat so oppressively humid you want to jump in any pool to cool off but can't because the water is too hot. biggest torture? getting stuck at Disney during the fireworks outside night of July 4th 2004. Absolute torture; hot, humid, wall to wall tourists. There is nothing, and i mean nothing, that could ever get me near the place again.

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