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    Reporting on the entire Marathon Bombing has been atrocious, and rife with misinformation and outright lies.  And, the "official" channels are just as guilty, wandering in the "fog of war" and unaware that they are clueless.

    As information filters out from the after-action reports it becomes clear that what we've been told was inaccurate at best, and outright lies at worst.  After listening to the citizen recording of the first "firefight", I posted in another thread that what I was hearing was poor fire discipline on the part of the police.  It was reported, by a police spokesman, that 200 rounds were fired and that the bombers had "multiple weapons".  We now know that they were armed with a single handgun, a Ruger semi auto, which, incidentally, ships with a 9 round magazine.  At least two hundred rounds were fired, and likely 190 were fired by the police, in a residential neighborhood, with no backstops, and we're lucky none of those rounds killed an innocent citizen.

    The second "firefight" at the boat consisted of dozens of rounds fired--every single one fired by heavily armed police, in a residential neighborhood, obviously at a target that they were uncertain of.  Again, we're lucky no civilians were killed.  But the MSM dutifully reports that the suspect fired shots and the police were returning fire.  Lies, lies and more lies.

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