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View Diary: Never forget: The Bush Administration failed to prevent the September 11 terrorist attacks (174 comments)

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  •  We all lived through this -- It doesn't MATTER (7+ / 0-)

    When the Ex-Presidents' Club meets to honor one of its own ... it's just plain RUDE to remember how dishonorable a fellow Member  may have been.

    When Nixon died ... everyone knew about the Southern Strategy ... Watergate ... the Deal to Extend the War ... but Everyone" showed up at graveside looking somber and intoning the requisite pieties.

    And when Britons reacted to Margaret Thacher's  -- Reagan's Brain,  death ...  by singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" on U-Tube -- Oh ! Pearl-clutching, finger wagging and rudeboy rebukings from the Responsible Media.


    "In America there are two political parties. One represents the Rich.  The other represents the FILTHY Rich."

    But one is so much less bad than the other, all things considered.  "More and better Democrats!!!"  Y'gotta Believe!

    •  Um, I don't really care (5+ / 0-)
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      maryabein, Cliss, PJEvans, goodpractice, Matt Z

      about the protocols that Presidents -- current and former -- adopt with each other.

      Actually I do care that the Obama Administration didn't pursue charges against members of the Bush Administration, but that's another matter.

      But as far as I'm concerned -- hell yes it matters.

      It matters to me and to a lot of other Americans that history is not revised to cover for such an God awful administration whose President wasn't elected in the first place.

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