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View Diary: The Marathon Bombings, Privacy, and the question "Why?" (55 comments)

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    out of left field

    They can be bumbling Gestapo's.  ^_^

    OK, but seriously, you have this image that the Gestapo is very, very efficient, sort of "in Fascist Italy the trains run on time" kind of efficient.

    Why, though? Does fascism endow a special capability to its adherent that make them super duper extra special efficient?

    So efficient, that it is worth it to embrace fascism so we can be efficient and solve our problems of national debt, education, pollution, etc.?

    But, let's get back to my first statement.

    Yeah, why can't they be bumbling Gestapos? They're so busy knocking on doors that they failed to look under the bushes, in the doghouse, under the tarp, etc.

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