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    Winn Dixie is our main store. We also shop Family Dollar and Dollar General for some things.

    I understand about the 'financial planning' well meaning friend. I've had people tell me I should buy all kinds of things to help, or save money. But you can't save money when there's none left over to save. And you can't buy new things to help you cook better food when you have no extra money left over either. And when you do have "extra money", you find yourself stocking up on food, in case next week you don't have enough, or in case the water or electric bills jump suddenly and you have to flounder to get those paid.

    "Madness! Total and complete madness! This never would've happened if the humans hadn't started fighting one another!" Londo Mollari

    by FloridaSNMOM on Fri Apr 26, 2013 at 08:51:51 AM PDT

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