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  •  Mother got us started. She borrowed book (2+ / 0-)
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    from the public library. It was years later that she confessed that she didn't know how to swin ...she grew up as a poor city kid, no swimming facilities, no lessons.

    After learning the basics from mother, we got to take proper swimming lessons with Red Cross certificates and all. And DIVING lessons, too! Grand adventure!

    First time on the high diving board. . . I was hesitating a lot, looking over the edge. . . .and the instructor simply gave me a push (which I didn't feel, but figured that's what happened since next thing that 'registered' was the impression of being halfway down to the water). It was OK.

    Lessons were very helpful for competitive swimming and for learning how to rotate positions when swimming long distances.

    BTW, my Dutch relatives who live near canals say that there all babies age six months are taken into the pool with their mothers and have happy, reassuring, and cozy swimming experiences and 'lessons' so that no child should accidentally drown if it falls in a canal.

    Now I kick myself because I came to the website to see about political news and was there any action to be done and what do I do instead but indulge in wool-gathering.

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