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View Diary: GDP growth of 2.5% for first quarter fails to meet expectations (40 comments)

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    Can you be more specific on where you claim I am wrong?  I will respond entirely with original source documentation.  Will you provide us with original source documentation?

    Throwing stones is way too easy and (perhaps) beneath you.

    For now, these are the official dates for business cycles since the early 1980s.  As you'll see, the Depression was indeed over when FDR took office without dime of stimulus.

    And the "postwar boom" DID begin with an immediate recession, eventually  five in only 16 years, 1945-1961

    Next, John Kennedy can confirm the delusional "postwar boom" in his own voice.  This is is his first SOTU in 1961. The economic misery, bad as it was, is not the major point.

    Start at 5:30 in the video when he starts describing the misery.  In his summation, he says that we then ranked "near the bottom in economic growth."

    Hmmm, near the world's worst economy after a postwar boom? Now consider that a mere 16 years earlier we were the only industrial base left on earth.  Falling from the top to the bottom in  is one hell of a collapse, especially in a "boom"

    Just one more.  JFK describes the severe recession of 1958 ... which began one year after the Interstate Highway (infrastructure) began.  Hmm. another failed stimulus.  

    Judge for yourself,  Do you believe John Kennedy or Paul Krugman?

    I eagerly await the details on what you challenge.  
    I really do look forward to educating the readers of Daily Kos on any topic I described.  All my documentation will be original source data, as I learned in school.

    I'm glad you took my reference to Birthers in the humor I intended.  But we'll soon learn, won't we?

    Meanwhile readers may decide for themselves -- of they so choose -- my  original comment vs your response -- which one is a depiction of specific details and which one was a rather vague hissy fit.

    In other words, this "troll" challenges you to put up or shut up.  Any questions?

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