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View Diary: Police Admit Tsarnaev Was Inside Search Perimeter (99 comments)

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    But the day after he was finally captured, it also was apparent to me (and I commented on it in someone else's diary) that he was probably never outside their search perimeter. The boat was a scant half a mile from the spot where the gunbattle went down late Thursday night/Friday morning. The terrain there is a little hilly, but there is no way he could have gotten very far with the serious injuries he had.

    They just flat out missed him. Publicizing that fact would make someone look bad, despite the ultimate success in finding him, so they'll sweep that under the rug and hope nobody calls them on it. IMO someone or something - the search plan itself perhaps - needs to be held accountable for locking down an entire town, at massive expense, and then failing to accomplish the objective.

    Yeah, it's great that they finally caught him, and I hope he ultimately pays the ultimate price for his evil, but that doesn't excuse what was probably the biggest cockup in the hunt.

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