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  •  sorry for your pain but marriages are usually (2+ / 0-)
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    the first casualty of any unit deployment for multiple reasons.  You have to remember the chasm between enlisted men and officers (though there is OCS); at least in the past, there was a gap between the Academy grads and the ROTC folks.  Then there were the enlisted men.  Around here Sgt is usually as high as things go, as many people also follow a trajectory where they may enter active service for four years and then opt out for the Reserves or NG.  

    My uncle enlisted AAF at 16 and worked his way through the ranks to SGt, pulled his 20 and retired.  He then went into Reserves and also used his service to get preference for a fed job.  He worked that for 10 years and retired and used his preference to snag a state job he worked for 10 years and retired.  Since he was in military intelligence, he then hooked up with local banks as their security consultant for the rest of his years.

    I remember visiting and seeing all the pension envelopes on his coffee table.  Ironically, he never saw combat in all those years in the Reserves and active duty.

    (then 2 other uncles went into the Navy and had several ships shot out from under them in the Pacific and Atlantic)  

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