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  •  Because it effected THEM and those they associate (4+ / 0-)

    with. Even if other impacts of the sequester negatively effect MORE people, and effect them in ways that are MORE than an inconvenience (such as loss of Childcare via HeadStart-may mean a parent can't find any other they can afford), it clearly does not touch them.

    As a group in general, because they feel the impact via the FAA cuts, they are being either (or both) selfish and clueless.

    I ave been finding that many middle class and upper middle class people I know do not get what it means to cut something from poor people. The poor live so close to the bone that cutting something, such as WIC or  Head Start, can make a whole families life structure fall apart like a house of cards. There may not be any backup. Cutting childcare (HeadStart) may mean there is no other for that family, and a parent can not work or has to choose to send their kid to an illegal daycare, which may be unsafe. If they can even afford that.

    Compare this to the mere INCONVENIENCE of a flight delay.
    Clearly they don't, or don't care. Clearly the other impacts don't happen enough to constituents that Matter to them either, for them to act.

    No, the people who's lives are the most negatively impacted by the sequester will be the poor, who's voice is diffused because they are struggling just to keep their head above the water as we withdraw the the life ring from some of them.


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