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    This post misses some critical distinctions.

    You're blaming "Washington", as a town, for our national political disease.

    This is diarrhea of the mouth.

    The national political disease you speak of is not caused by a town, or the people who live and work here.

    The disease, rot, and filth are things that are IMPORTED to DC from AMERICA.

    The people of Washington, myself included, are victims of this disease. The ultimate irony is that we are blamed collectively for a system that we have no representation in.

    Let me put something shocking to you: This week, I had the pleasure of voting on a Ballot Initiative in DC to request that the people of the District and its Council be granted the privilege of controlling a budget paid for by funds raised HERE by people who live HERE. Yes, we are begging Congress for the right to spend our LOCAL tax dollars as we see fit, and not have them subject to the whims of people from other parts of America who would outlaw abortions, gay marriage, etc according to their own values systems while ignoring the democratically-expressed wishes of OUR community.

    I get sick to my stomach when I see people who conflate the city-state of Washington with the rats you send here   here from YOUR communities. Washington and Washingtonians are not the problem. We are not the cancer. We have been invaded by the cancers that the rest of America sends here to do its bidding. YOU AT LEAST VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE. You are responsible for the lobbyists that flock here. You are responsible for the media industry that felates them all. You are the consumers of this garbage.

    It has nothing to do with the District of Columbia or its people, who are actually the biggest victims of all. When the calls to action go up on DKos, urging people to call their senators or representatives -- we are the ones left with nobody to call. Everything in this city is run by people who come from the rest of America and treat us as at best a petting zoo and at worst a laboratory for extreme right wing cultural and economic experiments.

    You're responsible for the political culture that exists in this country. Not Washington. Which is an actual place, not just a vague concept for you to use as a strawman.

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