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View Diary: Poll: It turns out supporting gun safety legislation is also smart politics (63 comments)

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  •  I'm hoping that this time the NRA and its (2+ / 0-)
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    Radiowalla, a2nite

    cadre of gun-stroking 2nd Amendment zealots have so overplayed their "I'm NRA and I VOTE!" card that the whole racket comes tumbling down ... that the NRA "A-rating" becomes Kiss of Death ESPECIALLY in rural jurisdictions where people want to own guns for sport and defense, but have no desire to Bear Arms against  'revenooers' , process servers, truant officers, and other Representatives of a Tyrannical Government.

    Right now, my hometown newspaper's Letters column is choked with impassioned paeans of praise "MY Gun Rights!" ... and all I can think of is that handful of exhibitionists in the Castro district who discovered a Constitutional right to go about buck-nekkid in public parks.  

    Actually, the right DOES exist. AND it took the city of San Francisco some time and brain-sweat  to work out regulations to limit it that would withstand judicial oversight.

    It's just so small and self-centered.  Reminds me of pre-teen boys justifying whatever mischief they're getting; into at the moment by crying "It's a Free Country, isn't it !!"

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