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View Diary: Three keys for background checks round two: Simple, fair and universal (229 comments)

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  •  Free? That's baffling. (3+ / 0-)
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    15-35 bucks is a nominal amount in the fee world and would simply cover the costs of the background check. It costs me $25 per year to register my dog, which grants me, my pet and my community valuable services.

    If you think it should be free because of the 2nd amendment guarantees--which are not afforded to dog ownership-- then, please, go lobby for free guns and ammunition for the government. Good luck.

    The comparison to voting rights does not seem valid. Guns are a commodity.  Perhaps though, if you wish to sell your vote, a small transfer fee should be charged.

    As an aside, i would guess --from entirely personal experience-- that the cost of the murder of one person by gun violence to be  minimally a million dollars when you consider medical, law enforcement and justice system expenses. Other, greater factors are impossible to quantify.

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