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View Diary: Three keys for background checks round two: Simple, fair and universal (229 comments)

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  •  The things you mention (0+ / 0-)

    "global warming, income inequality, civil rights, racism, reproductive freedom" do matter to us, as do the freedoms enshrined by the second.

    We've had to make a choice and now people like you are going to have to do the same.  You don't have the power to push your agenda with the support of others, like us.  You don't have the luxury to pick and choose what freedoms you find convenient and try to restrict the others.   If you take an honest look at history you will see that you never will either and if you don't believe that then you need to consider why we got stuck with universal health INSURANCE.  Here is a hint: because the system of govt is not a democracy where the majority always wins and it was designed to ensure that the minority interests can't be squashed.

    So you are going to have to choose, what do you want more?  The things mentioned above, or to make an attempt that is guaranteed to fail, at taking away other people's rights?  You can't have both.

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