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  •  Maybe Grover Norquist was right (1+ / 0-)
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    If the choice is between having the federal government finance institutionalized corruption, or not having a federal government, we've got a serious decision to make.

    But if we're even to get ourselves in the position of making such a drastic choice without causing serious hardship among those who need government help, there also needs to be a general rethink about how government affects business competitiveness and the economy in general.  People on almost all sides of the political debate are stuck with the notion that higher taxes and spending inevitably means that businesses and residents leave — and the more I research this question in my own work, the less I believe the conventional wisdom.

    Perhaps if devolving more to the states can be accompanied by a serious push toward more progressive taxation in the states, putting the federal government in general on a tighter leash becomes a realistic and possibly liberating option.  

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