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  •  "Versailles" hates the outsider. (14+ / 0-)

    Frankly, I don't think that the problem lies with Barack Obama's skin.

    OK maybe there is a bit of unconscious reaction. However...

    let's face it guys, "Versailles" has NEVER considered Barack Obama as a legitimate president. He hadn't paid his dues. He was NOT one of them. He was NOT the candidate of the establishment. More than many candidates before him, he had ascended to the presidency on the wave of a POPULAR movement, and he had less "debts" towards Beltway people. One minute he was the 49th senator in terms in seniority, the next he was the POTUS !!

    And once he entered the White House, he refused to play the "cocktail party/flatter egos/kiss ass - game" that almost everyone in Washington/Versailles plays.

    And on top of it, he hasn't made a secret of what he thinks of the dirtiest political games, and most of all, what he thinks of the shallow media. Tactical mistake ? Maybe. Wanna bet that if he went to their parties ( Maureen Dowd and co.) and feigned great interest in their opinions, he would get better press ??

    Does he have a big ego ?  Yeah. On the other hand, there are SO MANY testimonies of ORDINARY people who have met him and find him warm, empathetic, very approachable. He LISTENS to people, and is perfectly natural. Not the traditional "what can you do for me" politician.

    Unconscious racism may be there. But they hate his guts because he is not one of them. Despite what many here say.

    Jon Favreau said in an interview just a few weeks ago: "He doesn't do artifice well. He doesn't do "shmooze" well. Indeed. And that shouldn't be important if the Beltway wasn't such a cesspool of divas and attention-seekers.

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