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View Diary: Sunday Puzzle 04-26-2013 (90 comments)

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    pucklady, Nova Land, Villanova Rhodes

    Googled enough words to get it.   Never heard of the group, but it seems "interesting".


    Congratulations, Villanova.  Not sure how you got it (unless you've heard of the group before)

    summary now

    louse T tousle L sellout P pollutes
    carts H starch E chaster R charters
    shire E hirees S heiress E heresies
    tepid O podite S deposit C despotic
    score U course P recoups I precious
    xxxxx T xxxxxx U xxxxxxx A xxxxxxxx
    xxxxx D xxxxxx L xxxxxxx T xxxxxxxx
    antic O action P caption I optician
    strop O troops F xxxxxxx O rooftops
    scope R corpse I copiers N conspire
    xxxxx C xxxxxx C xxxxxxx S xxxxxxxx
    xxxxx O xxxxxx T xxxxxxx O xxxxxxxx
    lends E xxxxxx I linseed C silenced
    xxxxx D xxxxxx O xxxxxxx I xxxxxxxx
    chore T hector N xxxxxxx E coherent
    scorn O croons A coronas T cartoons
    riles P pliers P ripples Y slippery

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