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  •  vetwife, I just copied & pasted the block quote (2+ / 0-)
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    Vetwife, 4Freedom

    directly from our state's website.  Just  to try to highlight a point that the ripple effect is far reaching & probably a lot of beings do not realize how many various groups are affected.  Did not post qualifiers for medicaid eligibility as they can vary from one situation to another.

    Yes, it sucks big time.  I am so sorry (& angry) that this is happening to you & to so many.  

    Whether it is your $106 or my child's outrageous "close to $1k" medication amounts a month, my family just cannot afford the out of pocket amounts whether we are given notice or not.  Let alone any of the multiple specialist fees.

    The past 16 years have been a real eye opener for me personally.  Before I became mama to this child of mine through marriage & love, I really had no concept of how difficult it can become for those with or without insurance to obtain healthcare if & when needed.

    Or just how much a life can be ruined if minor or catastrophic health issues strike.  My spouse was hit with the triple impacts of a dying wife, a newborn medically fragile special needs newborn & the economy shifting.  

    Losing employment & health insurance yet still unable to qualify for assistance based on past income severely impacts.  And created a ripple effect that has taken us 16 years to try to overcome.  

    Our story is just one of countless other stories in this country that belie the myths surrounding insurance, safety nets & the awareness level of those who stand in the way of the greater good.

    These human stories & diaries such as this one & the comments need to be roared over & over & over until awareness levels are raised.  

    We managed to somewhat survive thus far; others have not.  I won't ever forget what I did not know before this journey & have been actively trying to use lessons learned in a proactive way towards the greater good.

    The more I learn the angrier & more disgusted I become.
     And in whatever way I can, I add my roar to the others.

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