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    ER Doc, Hopeful Skeptic

    I was thinking "rentadoc" when I read his work and extrapolated his conclusions to get an idea of his analytical path to reach them. Peel back only a few layers and it truly stank, man. I went the other way, from hard bioscience into IT and anyone with that little ability in true analytical though on any of MY IT teams would be looking at a pink slip if they were employed as an "analyst".

    It's perfectly ok to stand by your results in the face of other scientists claiming you are incorrect. What one should do in that situation is perform new and different experiments to resolve the apparent conflict, while being perfectly prepared to put your hand up and say "Yeah, I goofed" if the results bear out the opposing opinion rather than the one you put forward. That enhances a scientific reputation rather than diminishing it. As soon as I see anyone, from however a lofty initial standpoint, retreating into "You're suppressing my work because the establishment doesnt like it!" conspiracy theories I start to get a little suspicious, because the scientific establishment is set up the way it is explicitly to make that kinda stuff almost impossible and as soon as anyone claims to be a victim of that I start to see that as the last stand of a faker trying to preserve his rep so he can still peddle his crackpot theories.

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