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  •  I will only offer an observation that one (2+ / 0-)
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    imchange, Alexandra Lynch

    problem among the religious is the very large number of clergy it seems, who view their duties to their congregation done in the pulpit every Sunday.  The other days of the week, they are as venial as any of the people whom they heartily condemn.

    I also note, locally, some ministers who seem fixated on damnation for the wealthy, larding their sermons with Scripture related to the evils of wealth vs the virtue of the poor.  However these same Dissenter sect ministers have vigorously resisted my own assertion that ministers should not be a professional class but instead should be people "called" to the ministry who would earn their daily bread in mundane trades.

    Instead I find them concerned with 401Ks, health plans, profit sharing plans and the amount of their annual salary increases.

    Perhaps if more shepherds lived the lives they extoll, their flocks would fare better (and I have raised sheep so fully appreciate the metaphor)

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