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  •  I do not use Photoshop (10+ / 0-)

    had it on my last computer and since I both needed to search online tips to do anything and could not remember how to do it again the next time, I spared my next computer the RAM.

    I do most everything basic in Nikon's free "View NX 2." Try it, you'll like it. Or if you want another free tool, download Picasa and click "I'm Feeling Lucky" in edit on that mountain shot. You will be amazed.

    For spot remover and higher black level I use a lightweight photo editing program that has been discontinued for years and is called "Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10" and if I need to get fancy I use "CyberLink Photo Director" which is about on par with Photoshop Elements but you don't need to go to school to learn how to use it.  

    Note: Picasa can be a real pain in the butt with their "updating your photo library" but it is still fun. View NX 2 is great and works on jpgs. from any camera. Play with the three bars Highlight protection, shadow protection and D-Lighting HS to bring photos to life.

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