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  •  it was at the end of the summer (6+ / 0-)

    that this happened; the plants were mature and some had blossomed, but many many which were full of buds, got cut/bitten toward the bottom; as if the creature were sucking the juice out maybe

    all the growth at that point was mature

    now these same plants are growing new shoots like crazy, which i knew would happen

    •  yes... (5+ / 0-)

      phlox are really hardy that way.  As long as they get some time in to put out greens to replenish the roots, they will keep going.  Not being able to bloom usually then puts the energy back into the roots, so if allowed to bloom this year, you probably will get lots!

      Most all critters, soft bodied or mammals will go for the younger green growth - more tender, less woody.  Phlox stems are not super soft, so it's a hard thing to figure.  ???

      I can only think of rabbits, but you said that they were caged.

      I don't think phlox would be the tastiest of garden plants!!  LOL  

      Sometimes unusual weather (like drought, heat) will cause critters to eat things out of the norm though....

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