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  •  You can't grow this economy without small (9+ / 0-)

    corporations and large. You also can't grow this economy without a justice system. The real reason the economy will not grow is simple. The rules that we all once operated under are only for the little people. The Wealthy corporations have no rules to worry about. For public appearances sake they may pay out some of their shareholders money on a no guilt or innocence basis , on certain things they get "caught" doing,  but that's it.

    The lean towards criminality or least how we defined criminality before the DOJ shutdown has turned this country into a predatory society on all levels. Playing in this economy means literally, don't trust anyone. No one has your back. The govt agencies that used to protect people are no longer available to do their work either from lack of funding and or lack of desire.

    If you are  a happy go lucky, golden rule type of individual, there is a new name for you and that's Target. Same goes for companies that continue to try to keep high ethical standards. They too are a target and if they aren't dead yet, they are being measured for their coffins.  .

     If you go into business, you better have cash. Because they won't trust you for trade credit much less loans of any size  or venture capital.  Kickstarter and many of those types of outfits look promising but your proposal is going nowhere on any of those sites unless you pass their standards of trust, whatever they may be.

    This is why a number of us have been standing on our soapboxes screaming "Rule of law, Rule of Law". The decision that started this unrecoverable ride to hell was when the govt was bought off not to prosecute the bankers.

    What we are witnessing today is the slow slide into anarchy which starts first with people screwing other people any chance they get. Because companies aren't people. The people in them are the ones doing the screwing. They have to. That's how they keep their jobs.

    If no one obeys the rules that are on the cornerstone of the economy because no one is enforcing a standards that were once agreed upon, you don't get economic growth.

    Understand too that for the very top of the 1% , this is they way they have always won. This is what they view as the ultimate "game" and they love to play. One may be tempted to ask "How much is enough" but if you do, don't expect an answer . You should know it already.

    There is never enough,  especially when someone is winning every hand they are playing even though they are cheating on every hand and people can see it. No one big enough is coming up and taking the cards out of their hands. That's why they love this shit. They will continue to do this until no one of lesser skill is available anymore, then and only then will they turn on each other.

    The compromise of the Rule of Law for Political expediency has now become institutionalized. We are all much poorer , literally, because of it. Apologists for this President aka the status quo, don't understand this and won't because they are very much part of the problem.

    “ Success has a great tendency to conceal and throw a veil over the evil of men. ” — Demosthenes

    by Dburn on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 08:08:21 PM PDT

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