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  •  I get the analogy about the seeds (3+ / 0-)
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    but ironically enough, the age old saving of seeds has emerged as a sort of guerilla activity toward heirloom seeds because the PTB have decided to alter our foodstuffs and claim patents on natural mechanisms and then enforce through the courts.

    One of the more obvious features of old barns are the seed bins. They are usually only wood boxes. Later we decided to use cooperatives to keep and redistribute seeds and then Monsanto et al came in and started the practice of meting out the seeds every year because they OWN them through altering them. They are either suicide models that produce [food] but their progeny are sterile or they have some marker that a company can test for even if it has cross-pollinated and infected your crop and then they can sue because they own the modifications. It's all about control and centralization.

    I believe food is the key, because we all have to have it. After 911 I thought the best tactic would have been to mount a huge offensive toward reagriculturization and energy. Between the US and Canada we have the most arable land on the planet. It would have been the smart thing to do. The terrorists don't hate us for our supposed freedoms, they hate us for our money grubbing exploitative ways, not us, but the US for sticking our noses in and controlling and instigating everywhere, which includes big ag like Monsanto ruining planetary agriculture/ecosystems and oppressing everybody while making us sick.....all of us, all over the globe.

    The phrase "Class War" is used as a cudgel to cow the more progressive voices. However it is a war, but not a petty one. There are a small contingent of people who are sucking the resources out of this planet through an artificial system of chits which is our monetary network. We are at a tipping point and I'm not sure how we tilt our way without some of us getting crushed.

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