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View Diary: President Obama's gift to George W. Bush (250 comments)

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  •  Agreed: GWB's tears looked like tears of relief.. (2+ / 0-)
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    KayCeSF, 3goldens

    ..more than anything to me. Because he probably knows, but won't admit that Iraq will remain his banner of shame when history is written. That he didn't utter the word Iraq once is telling.

    The great gift George W. Bush received last week was not a library in his name, but that nobody brought up what his name will forever stand for: disaster.
    I also wonder if Pres. Obama would have gotten the same kind of laughs that Clinton did had he told the "all presidential library dedications are re-writes" joke.   Comity and all.. Pretty sure it'd be the latest RWNJ head explosion all over Fox & Friends, Limbaugh etc. and even some pushback/disapproval from the the MSM for their part in promoting of war.

    There were/are too many culpable parties in attendance. Why step into it when many many non-insiders are war weary and know now the war was wrong and GWB administration lied us into it.

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