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View Diary: H.P. Lovecraft Furnishes Us With A Good Reason Not To Commit Suicide (32 comments)

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  •  Even if we concede that violence has decreased... (0+ / 0-)

    compared to pre-state societies, I don't think that really addresses my feelings.  By "last several centuries", I was meaning to refer to the recent period we generally call the industrial revolution. Since then, while there have been increases in lifespan and health (although even those trends are reversing), in most other measures, we aren't a lot better off as a species. We work harder and longer, remain in the majority impoverished, and in general seem to struggle to find personal peace and enjoyment in life even when not impoverished. All of our efforts as a species seem focused on the goals of increasing our numbers and developing a group of unimaginably wealthy overlords. The great masses are urged to slake their thirst for meaning and joy with transient materialism, meaningless pop culture distraction, and subservience to a system of wage slavery. And while we perpetuate that cultural failure and set it up as the ideal for the rest of the as yet "primitive" cultures, we're charging headlong into a future where the very planet we live on is in danger of no longer supporting human life, causing mass extinction in countless other species along the way. Not exactly a raging success story.

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