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View Diary: Peer into the Soul of the Hardcore Rush Limbaugh Fan (220 comments)

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  •  A laundry list of condescension and ignorance (16+ / 0-)

    The dripping condescension of rich, white assholic entitlement in his email is beyond depressing.

    It's just a list of talking points.  He even repeats "true patriot and great American", apparently without irony, the exact words Sean Hannity and Limbaugh use all the time when the facts aren't on their side.  Just repeat someone is a "True American" and nothing else matters.

    Then factor in his profound ignorance about the role of birth control in treating PCOS (made even more depressing by the fact that this clown works in the healthcare industry), and then his desire to only treat conservative clients, and you have the worst of American elitism, racism, white privilege, and just plain assholeness.

    I pity anyone who has to be in this man's family.  I can only imagine how much sublimated rage and sexual dysfunction motivates this sort of rage.

    •  You can easily imagine (2+ / 0-)
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      elwior, WinSmith

      that he has spawned a couple of kids who are rich, white, entitled, racist, closed-minded assholes too.  (I have a Rush fan in my immediate family--Very well educated, very well paid.  The rest of the family are moderate to liberal and we all get an ear full about those who have 'no skin in the game' and about Benghazi and about Jimmy Carter causing the housing crisis and about Kenyan birth certificates at almost every family gathering.)   My nephew actually posted something angry that included the N-word on his FB account the day after BHO won re-election.  It was a depressing day in my family.  The nephew took down the post within a few hours.  The sad part is, he learned his behaviors from his parent/s.)

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