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View Diary: Krugman: "Bush lied us into war." (231 comments)

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    As is noted "... “everyone” believed Saddam had WMD" was pretty much the case back then. It WAS a disastrous response to the (supposed) conditions, and it was certainly ill thought out and planned. But a lie? If so the case is easily brought o court. That it hasn't been is telling. Judgements and the policies they produce may be wrong (even deadly wrong) but that doesn't make them lies. Plus, it it were a lie it seems they would have at least planted something there.

    However let us all remember the many politicians who aided and abetted the Iraq debacle, especially Mrs. Clinton in 2016. She (of all people with her connection from the previous administration- but many others as well) could have easily contacted a dozen experts inside the intel agencies for a true assessment of Iraq's threat and capacity. Either she did and they echoed the CW at the time or she didn't bother.

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