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View Diary: LA County Dems “Out” StudentsFirst For Honoring and Supporting Anti-Gay Legislator (23 comments)

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  •  Ragan's legislation would include (7+ / 0-)

    requirements that teachers, if they learn a student is gay, must tell that student she or he needs a psychiatrist.

    Would this follow Ragan's assumption that psychiatry is the necessary intervention for LGBTQ identity?  The APA has indicated otherwise.  It's not even considered a disorder.  Nor should it be.  

    Even less, IMO, would most psychiatrists receive Ragan's shrink clause favorably.  Very damn few Board-certified psychiatrists will accept a patient for no other reason than a troglodyte school system or State legislature has ordered her or him into treatment.  

    And even far less would health insurers cover such treatment unless there were other significant risk factors, risk factors which would as easily occur to a heterosexual human as to a homosexual human.  

    If a high schooler asks in class, "I heard Alexander the Great had a gay lover.  Is that true?", what does the History teacher say in reply?  "We can't discuss that in class; shame on you for asking it.  If you ask something like that again I'll have you ordered into psychiatric treatment."


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