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  •  While I tend to scoff at 'bestseller lists' and (7+ / 0-)

    self-help books and the like, simply sitting back and really spending time thinking about what gives life meaning, and what I actually want from my life led me to realize how much of what I'd accumulated over the years meant so little to me, and contributed so little to any goal or purpose.

    A part of me, though, wonders if materialism has grown in an unconscious reaction to the increased wealth inequality in the country, if most people aren't reacting like many of our grandparents did after living through the Great Depression, hoarding material possessions as a buffer against simply winding up having to live with very little more than we'd managed to collect around us.  Trying, in essence, to prepare for our old age by having already bought everything we can in advance, because most of us will have very little income, if any, in that old age.

    A better path would be to re-embrace more communal living, spending our time building community, helping our elderly, sharing more of our time and effort.  

    I'm finally getting my garden together for the year, and in that spirit, I think I'll dedicate one bed to be a crop I donate to the local food pantry.  (Although first I'll give them a call and make sure they accept local produce, I guess, just in case.)

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