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View Diary: The Hailstone Ice near Houston was flowing like a River (56 comments)

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    I've seen hail covering the ground to a couple inches deep dozens of times in my life. A few times I've seen the runoff or streams covered in hail stones.

    Keep in mind, hail is mostly a product of towering thunderstorms, so it's more likely that we'll get hail in the summer, rather then when it's cold on the ground.

    Houston typically has a bunch of localized flooding. But, it's so flat its pretty unusual to get flash floods. You get those more with hills and steep watersheds. Houston's pretty much just a paved bayou, anyway. But when it does rain, it can get pretty deep.

    Equality! It's what's for dinner!

    by DyspepTex on Sun Apr 28, 2013 at 08:00:23 PM PDT

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