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View Diary: Washington Post concludes Obama sucks at schmoozing, dooming his presidency to abject failure (92 comments)

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  •  though don't confuse WaPo (3+ / 0-)

    with 'the press.'  It is a unique disaster which I think says something about the vast growth of bourgeois ideology in an gilded age of the one percent.  Murdoch managed to take good conservative papers, the Times of London and the WSJ, and turn them into fox propaganda rags of limited virtue.  The latter generation of Grahams has turned a flagship liberal paper of Watergate fame and reputation, and turned it into a badly written neo-con submarine shilling for for-profit education because that is where its money comes from, and operating at as kind of volunteer CIA front, as was apparent during the 'torture' debates.   One of the main ways they did this was by hiring Fred Hiatt, stupid but influential, and the Marcus Brauchli, gravediggerof the WSJ, right after he set up that paper to  be digested by Murdoch's empire.  

    There is probably not a sadder and more unusual historic transformation in the history of journalism.   Though one should not underestimate the influence of a Scoop Jackson approach in US political life, or the amount of attention based on financing from the one percent that a jerk like Christopher Hitchens can get for a warmongering 'god that failed' transformation, the WaPo is really quite unique in the amount of attention it can get for the amount of drivel it produces based on a previous reputation.   It is amazing how long in the age of Republican dynastic families (Bushes, Pauls, Romneys, Quayles, etc. - the US is unique among representative gov'ts in this regard) that Grahamcrackers can continue to masquerade as Grahams.

    The US political system is a long way from harvesting a new multi-cultural structural majority in the direction of serious wealth redistribution and the reestablishment of a governing legislature, as opposed to a dixieland sessionist congress.  The last depression led to the new deal.  This one is still stalled by the Tea Party.  The WaPo is just part of the structural road block in front a progressive new new deal.

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