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View Diary: "Grover Norquist Did Not Elect You": Republicans In Disarray (!) Over Online Sales Taxes (256 comments)

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  •  Sorry to inform you, Boeing Toyota are not Mom & (2+ / 0-)
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    PatriciaVa, Ian Reifowitz

    pops stores. In fact they are international corporations and a couple of the largest corporations in the world. Though some mom & pops can move to a Tif zone, but that is tax being deferred for ten years(more or less) They still pay property tax , online merchants do not. It would be rare for a sole proprietor to get a tax abatement.

     Where is the exemption for sales tax for B&M?  I know of no sales tax exemption for B&M, did you make that up?  I know of an exemption for online merchants proposed but how does that help a B&M compete.  Even merchants at the flea market are supposed to pay sales tax, along with the balloon vendor.

    Since a wealth tax has not been passed in a decade and in fact tax cuts have been passed, I dont see the reality of this happening soon. and again how does that keep B&M from being driven out of business?

     sorry to burst your bubble but many dems at any level care more about the wealthy than the not so wealthy.
      Though I was not making that point, I was making the point that if we are for fairness and taxes that effect in a positive way the not so wealthy then do not discount a fair sales tax as having a positive influence on Mom & Pops who will be able to compete and grow their business while those who already should be paying sales taxes now will be doing so.


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