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View Diary: Seniors still suffering from Meals on Wheels sequester cuts, but at least the DC shuttle is on time (64 comments)

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  •  Seniors sacrifice so Senators don't have to. (6+ / 0-)

    Austerity's victims will be well outside the Beltway.

    Unable to take constructive action toward any common end...

    ...the U.S. Congress has recently been reduced to playing an ongoing game of chicken with the American economy...
    But, the ones getting hurt aren't US Congress members or members of the Administration.  
    ...the only questions are how big the hit will end up being and who will bear the brunt...

    Congress members can't even "suffer" through airport delays, but they don't care that their austerity equals hunger for seniors and children.  What's a little starvation when compared to the enormous suffering of longer waiting times at the airport?  

    The wealthy and their hired lawmakers push austerity because it's no big deal to them.  Sacrifice is an abstract concept to them--something they don't and won't have to personally experience.

    ...Those at the bottom of the income distribution lose proportionately more than those at the top, because they rely far more on government services and have little wealth with which to cushion the blows. The 400 richest Americans own more assets than the poorest 150 million

    ...Trying to get the lower end of the income distribution to pay the price of austerity through cuts in public spending is both cruel and mathematically difficult. Those who can pay won’t, while those who can’t pay are being asked to do so....

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