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View Diary: Seniors still suffering from Meals on Wheels sequester cuts, but at least the DC shuttle is on time (64 comments)

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    Mr Braley,
    I am sorely disappointed with you and your fellow Democratic House Representatives that voted to approve the measure to allow for the FAA to 'adjust' its budget so as not to 'inconvenience' the flying public, yet have done nothing to help the least of our citizens out of this 'sequestration'.  It was no shocking news that air travel would be affected by the sequester as the Administration has been telling anyone who would listen what would happen.

    The vote late last week proves that the Congress serves the corporations and the top 1% in this country because they are about the only ones that can afford to fly in this economy.  All of you have willfully placed seniors, disabled, cancer patients, and impoverished children at greater risk to life and health by SELECTIVELY 'fixing' a part of the sequester.  The sequester was 'supposed' to hurt 'everyone', but as we now see, only those that do not have deep pockets to 'influence' the 'right' people are the only ones that will pay for the sequester.

    It makes you no better than who ever your opponent will be in the Senatorial election in 2014.  I will continue to watch how you vote on issues that hurt the most vulnerable among us.

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