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View Diary: Seniors still suffering from Meals on Wheels sequester cuts, but at least the DC shuttle is on time (64 comments)

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    Bill Black:

    President Obama and a host of administration spokespersons have condemned the Sequestration, explaining how it will cause catastrophic damage to hundreds of vital government services. Those of us who teach economics, however, always stress “revealed preferences” – it’s not what you say that matters, it’s what you do that matters. Obama has revealed his preference by refusing to sponsor, or even support, a clean bill that would kill the sequestration threat to our Nation. Instead, he has nominated Jacob Lew, the author of the Sequestration provision, as his principal economic advisor. Lew is one of the strongest proponents of austerity and what he and Obama call the “Grand Bargain” – which would inflict large cuts in social programs and the safety net and some increases in revenues. Obama has made clear that he hopes this Grand Betrayal (my phrase) will be his legacy. Obama and Lew do not want to remove the Sequester because they view it as creating the leverage – over progressives – essential to induce them to vote for the Grand Betrayal.

    Further evidence of Obama’s continuing support for the Sequester was revealed in an odd fashion today. Bob Woodward is in a controversy because of his column about Sequestration. His column made two primary points. First, the administration authored the Sequester. Second, Woodward claimed that Obama was “moving the goal posts” by asking for revenue increases. Woodward was criticized by many Democrats for this column and created a further controversy by saying that the administration threatened him. It turned out that the purported threat was based on a statement by Gene Sperling, Obama’s economics advisor. David Weigel’s column summarizes the dispute.

    This is epic faux theater played by bad actors.

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