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    ...on what a healthy, happy life looks like and requires.

    Are these articles really about a failed mental health system? There are unquestionably improvements that can be made in state mental health systems and their linkages with schools and law enforcement. It's reasonable to expect that simply spreading the known best practices across all states would have a significant positive impact. But while California's system can be improved, my exposure to it is that it's very good, available, and free to affordable. There are free clinics in most cities that include emergency crisis care channels and reasonable waiting time on the non crisis care requests. The providers, and processes IMHO, are super and it doesn't take too much effort to figure out that adding to their numbers, distributing staff into schools, and overall reducing their case loads would be low hanging fruit.

    Science tells us to scale mental health services according to the metrics of stress in the community - divorce, death, addiction, etc.

    The first link describes a failed family in which children suffered through divorce, at least one substance abusing parent, and a family history of depression. Any one of those stresses should trigger therapeutic intervention at the earliest age and suggest a physical predisposition to mental illness. Such services exist. They won't prevent the neurological or emotional problems children inherit, but they may halt the progress of diseases and give kids the tools they'll need to live with the burdens they inherited.

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