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  •  the Linguistics Resource Center (2+ / 0-)
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    Judge Moonbox, rktect

    at the University of Texas is engaged in a lot of the kind of work you suggest here. They are also very generous with their knowledge and share quite a lot of material on their web pages. If you have a few hours in which to lose yourself, I highly recommend a visit! It seems like it might be right up your alley, especially their Indo-European Documentation Center.

    •  U Texas does share some of my interests (1+ / 0-)
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      In terms of what I'm looking at I highly recommend "The debate between Silver and Copper" in the original Sumerian. Sumerian is linguistically unclassified but I often find its words incorporated as prefix, suffix or infix with semitic roots, in Hittite and Luwian.

      I understand they are not carrying forward Carol Justus's work on numerals because they don't want their input to spoil it. I like that attitude.

      Counting and Numerals
      Religion and World View
      Writing and Scripts
      History, Records of Deeds
      Settlement Patterns, Entertainment & Sports
      Occupations, Economy, Land Control
      Social & Political Organization, Kinship & Gender
      Laws, Legal Texts
      School Texts, Tutors
      Musical Instruments, Singers, Musical Notation
      Art & Architechture, Colors
      Languages, Language, Text Genre
      Natural Phenomena
      Sickness, Healing, Rituals
      Plant and Animal Husbandry, Viticulture
      Crafts, Clothing, Shelter, Metals, Tools, Transportation
      Weapons, Chariots, ... , Warfare

      Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

      by rktect on Tue Apr 30, 2013 at 04:52:55 PM PDT

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