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View Diary: NBA player Jason Collins comes out of the closet (116 comments)

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  •  Celtic's coach Doc Rivers (9+ / 0-)

    had this to say about Jason Collins (link):

    Rivers predicted that Collins, 34, will be able to overcome the obstacles he may face next season. After all, he is not the first pioneer in pro sports.

    "After watching the movie about Jackie Robinson you learn that there were some teammates who didn't want Jackie, then they kind of learned to understand he was good; and then no one cared," said Rivers. "But more important, what you learn from that movie, 42, it wasn't his teammates as much as I thought it was -- it was the fans. So I don't think this will be a teammate thing. I think eventually it will be a thing where fans will learn to be more tolerant.

    "Then it will go away. You rarely hear any racial slurring in the crowd anymore, but you did -- you used to when Jackie first played. But it went away. I think it will be the same in this case."

    Rivers hoped that Collins' revelation would begin to bring an end to questions of sexuality in sports.

    "I never gave it a thought, I could care less," said Rivers. "Every once in awhile you would hear about it from a player or a coach, but listen to me -- I was brought up better than that. I don't care. It never registered. I could care less. Why do so many people care? It's no one's business what you do. I've always felt that way and I've always had a strong belief about that -- that it's your preference, and so what? You can like who you choose to like, and you can love who you choose to love. That's the way it should be. The thing that should be celebrated is that two people love each other, and that's a good thing.

    Form follows function -- Louis Sullivan

    by Spud1 on Mon Apr 29, 2013 at 11:30:56 AM PDT

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