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View Diary: Sandra Day O'Connor: Regrets, she has them (230 comments)

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  •  No. I see no such AP story. (0+ / 0-)

    And I've gone through the comments. If you have a link to one, you might provide it.  

    AP was part of the study that I provided various links to.  It's in the NYT article I linked to.

    •  keep looking it's there (0+ / 0-)

      basically says Gore won in 6 scenarios

      •  Wild goose chase? (0+ / 0-)

        If "it's in there" how about the title of the comment you are referring to, a link to the AP article you are referring to, or SOMETHING.

        I just spent my time going through every comment because I thought you might have credibility when you said there was an AP story that contradicted the very publicized AP (among others) study that I linked to.  I'm beginning to change my mind.  

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