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  •  given its psych effects on me, I'm not hopeful (3+ / 0-)
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    AoT, Cassandra Waites, grollen

    Hard times as the "new normal" could just as easily breed a generation of stake-less, aimless, and pathologically risk averse people with no faith in anyone or anything and who would be happy with very very little, so long as it were guaranteed.

    Of course, this could well be the goal: the creation of a broken-spirited peasant class that's resigned to misery and grateful for any trifling relief.  Alongside the teabagging remains of the middle class and a new aristocracy of money above all laws, we could be looking at a right wing resurgence that'd put Reagan-W to shame.

    We won't really know who the Millenials will turn out to be until the Boomers start retiring and/or dying off en masse: both creating room for the younger generations (X, Y, and Millenials) and depriving them of an important support system.

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