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View Diary: PA town plans to fight crime by evicting victims (24 comments)

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    ...for sure what people's intentions are.

    Many people who advocate these policies claim to be helping tenants!

    But when we look at the actual results, what do we see? An environment that severely punishes any landlord who rents to poorer tenants.

    At some point, we need to stop listening to what politicians say and judge them on what they do.

    I'm a landlord. If I am in a town where eviction is easy, I will take a chance on a tenant who is down on their luck. If they don't pay, I can get them out easily. But if I am in Connecticut (for example) an eviction could cost me $5000! So I will not take a chance on anyone. I will demand credit checks, references, pay stubs, and the maximum up-front rent allowed by law.

    Then the "housing advocates" (who often got these dumb laws passed in the first place) will wail and cry that there is no "affordable housing" available...


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