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  •  good report Michael. (1+ / 0-)
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    I could spam this diary with my usual rant about communities NOT doing roof top solar first but using up 'free' desert lands instead, and that when you fly into about any community anywhere you have to strain to find any solar roof tops.
    etc...and that Target and even Wal-Mart fer Pete's sake have been installing roof top solar!!

    But here you detail the Sierra Club helping this project with siting, and that's an important good step, really.

        But I still can rant about the lack of roof top solar, that the sequester has ruined the solar subsidies in that they are limited each year and  run out..(at least the salesmen fear monger that they will run out this year etc. in their sales pitches)

    And the biggest cheeseoff for me about solar is the utilities..the so called 'public' utilities that have boo bugged solar so that people who would put more solar on their house have been restricted in tiny fine print back stabbing boobug ways from doing so. Co-optation at it's most professional.
      Rates and some payback details have been changing, but certainly not fast enough for me...

    But the worst was found by me at Earth Day Festival recently, where I heard a solar company salesman say to a customer something like:

    'well, no you can't do that, like get $10,000 back at the end of the year, what if everybody did that?'

    To which I can only shake my head sadly and say,
    'yeah, what if....'

      And this is  based on the 'public' utilities concerns about planning and the horrible problem of having all that residential solar power swamping the electrical demands...for air conditioning in a region, calif, where plenty of sunshine afternoons means plenty of demand for air conditioning electricity...seems like the perfect match to me. Ohhh, the horrors of a solar spill!

        But I'm just a public.

    But, one step at a time, and with all the solar spillage going to waste in the southern central valley on that Selenium poisoned waste farm land where cotton was just seems to me that Gov Moonbeam should be installing 100,000 acres of solar projects there in that wasted oil and selenium dust to power LA.
      Now that would be a real legacy to be proud of instead of the Water Tunnel Project Dan Bacher has written extensively about on dkos.
         Instead he is leaving it up to the next governor...maybe a Republican will be the Governor who famously saves the water supply and installs solar power on real waste brownfield land. Yay mythical Republican Nixon to China only way way too late for me.

      Instead Gov. Brown is trying to steal Northern California water to save that wasted land, or to save the rich investors actually....for more 'farming' (the main 'crop' being water rights) and probably more housing ..especially after the high speed rail connects LA with the Central Valley...hello commuters...and I am for the high speed rail project, with my 'allies' the developers who have bought cheap in the central valley and want to cash in...errrrgh.
         Kill the water theft and watch support for high speed rail wander opinion..but can't we at least make it mandatory new construction have at minimum 125% solar generation installed and running at sale time? 125% so the house provides some solar back to the grid at minimum...I'd like more, maximum even. A house's daily usage at the meter does not begin to represent the full electrical load of the household members, regionally or nationally. 'Public' utilities, gah!

    But, one step at a time, even if you're sprinting, thanks for this report, yay!

    Sorry to spam and go on and on, I did it again....too much coffee.

    And thanks again.

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Mon Apr 29, 2013 at 02:05:37 PM PDT

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