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View Diary: To the Religious Right Trashing Jason Collins: He Was Born Gay. You Were Taught to Hate. (118 comments)

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  •  nastiness on sports talk radio (9+ / 0-)

    some dope called into a Portland station and said homosexuality is "an abomination". Unfortunately the host thanked him for his call and said it was good to get all opinions, instead of asking the guy if he eats ham, instead of telling the guy he was a bigot. Then the caller played the military card, saying soldiers are courageous and calling anyone else that is wrong.

    Turned it off at that point. From the way the host was talking, he didn't want anyone bashing other callers. A caller being a bigot: ok. Anyone mentioning that the guy was a bigot: not ok.

    On the plus side, I'd heard some support from the sports fan set so that's good.

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