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View Diary: A Letter to Justice O'Connor (114 comments)

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  •  Why? She had to choose a Pres. She chose Bush... (0+ / 0-)

    Would she have done so if she weren't a Republican?  

    All the legalese and circuitous legal arguments used to attempt to provide cover can't obscure how the Justices of the SCOTUS have consistently let their political ideology trump objective interpretation of the Constitution.

    If we had an objective and moderate SCOTUS that valued the Constitution more than their own personal political Party, would there have been such bizarre and undemocratic judgments as Citizens' united as well as the other decisions clearly based on personal partisan views rather than on the Constitution?

    If Justices were guided by the Constitution rather than their conservative right-wing personal opinions, would they ignore case after case after case after case of officials deliberately attempting to prevent people from voting?  Would they refuse to acknowledge the troubling ramifications of political partisans scheming to block people from voting, if they weren't more concerned about supporting their Party rather than supporting their Constitution?

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