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View Diary: Struggle and Faith: How Occupy Has Taught Me To Tolerate Religion (231 comments)

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  •  Certainly progressive religious leaders could do (2+ / 0-)
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    gorgonza, SilentBrook

    more but it's also a matter of both the lack of major media outlets and the respect progressive religious people have others belief/nonbelief.  We tend to be quieter and not insist government be used as a tool to push our religion onto others as the right does.  I don't often tell my progressive friends of my beliefs because in my experience I get ridiculed or I have to immediately supply a scientific proof of God.  

    It's been my experience that atheists who were raised in fundamentalist, right wing household will often adopt the same tone and insistence on being right and derision of others that their fundamentalist families have.  

    •  You make a very good point... (1+ / 0-)
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      Let me first express that I am saddened that you dont feel you can express your beliefs to friends who would then belittle you over them, that is wrong in my opinion but then I cant imagine belittling a friend of mine.

      I have many very religious friends, one family has given me standing invitations to their easter and thanksgiving dinners. They know full well my position and they give me no grief over it, and I reciprocate.

      My complaint isnt about individual parishoners for the most part, unless for example they are parishoners of Westboro. My complaint is about the church itself, and it is the leaders of the liberal Christian majority I hold in contempt for their silence, not individual members.

      There is no lack of mass media outlets for them, the right wing certainly manages to find ample supply. Not long ago a single church managed to make newswhen they said they would cease to perform straight marriages until  gay marriages are allowed, if that single church can find a mass media outlet certainly the rest could.

      Some estimates predict roughly 350,000 religious congregations in the US, of those about 314,000 are protestant and other christian sects, 24,000 are catholic and orthodox. If liberal christianity is a majority, it shouldnt take any major effort to get say 1,000 of these churches to step forward, take out a one page ad in the New York Times saying they will perform gay marriages (for example). Even that significant minority (of the majority) would be newsworthy. As it stands, with only one church stating as much in public, it reinforces the belief that liberal christians are the significant minority.

      The maxim is Qui tacet consentiret: the maxim of the law is "Silence gives consent". Right now Liberal Christians seem to be consenting and until they stand up and be heard, their majority is irrelevant.

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